Hold On While Letting Go

It’s 1:02 pm.

Brief thought:

I’m allowed to hold on to the memories of someone; while, time, simultaneously, leads me from the pain.


Memories are all that’s left… And sometimes, even those slip away. I’m going to allow myself to carry that which I once wanted, and release the pain.

That person was apart of my story. I embrace my whole story πŸ’–πŸ€

Worthy of Love and Light,


Music Therapy:

Disturbed: Hold onto Memories


Now and always, you’ll have a piece of my soul. Rest well 🫢🏻


Special Thanks

My “Starlight Magnolia Stories” safe space is now live.

In a matter of a few days, 10 followers left.

That’s disheartening; but, I had to make some changes.

This safe space is dedicated to me, and all of you, who may need that place to just sit, breathe, and count.

There will be many room: music, mantras, prayers, exc., to my blog. I’m working hard to create this warm, sweet, peaceful aura. It’s how I need to be greeted most days. I find it safe to say, most of us feel the same.

So thank you for sticking with me, through this transition. I appreciate you so much.

I may change my mental health category to password protected. If you’d be interested in reading, email me: nova35@gmx.com

Let’s end with something positive!

With Love and Light,