My Mental Health Journey #35

Ewwww what a day. I’m not feeling well; partially because of my cycle. The other part is due to stress from multiple factors. The sun is out. I don’t want to feel this way.

Let’s try to work through this:

Calandra had fun, despite me not going.

Jeff was able to lend the money; and, you didn’t even end up needing it.

There’s so many food pantries available, how necessary is it to stress? Right now?? Jeff even knows the situation. Sure it’s not as quick.. but, it’s so able of necessary.

Chad, I wish you’d leave me alone. You made your choices before you left. Why won’t you leave me alone? I don’t want constant reminders of you. It’s not fair. If you’re going to be harassing anyone, tell your boy to leave this alone. Our agreement wasn’t even set in stone.

I need peace. I need to feel ok. The thing is; I am able to semi-feel like it if I stop spending on iPad games. The total I’ve wasted is irresponsible to say the least. Brandy, when you go to purchase… remember this distress. Remember you gain nothing from expediting stone hatches or restoring energy. You gain nothing of value to your life, that is.