Blurb of Everything

HAPPY LUNER NEW YEAR 🇨🇳 Tons of prayers are going out to the families affected by the senseless shooting in California last night!

You never know where you’ll find alittle inspiration! Cheese = yummy!!!!

I was on TikTok today; and, I came across one particular video that sounded familiar. It was.. Because it was as if I had posted it, except from the male perspective. It referenced a man with a big heart… And how such a heart will contain BIG emotions… all of them will be big.

I didn’t hesitate to share the gift of knowledge with him. I mentioned what I understand was this type of person, and encouraged him to Google.

In actuality, I feel we’re all messangers. Nearly everything is for the purpose of your testimony. What you face, how you overcome, changes you make, ways you heal… It’s all for your story to make an impact on another life… And it will… If you share it.

….. And when you’re done writing your story…. And your book is complete, will people gather around and miss you? Will your children read at your funeral? (Well, you’ll be gone BUT… here’s hypothetically speaking!)

Lisa Marie Presley passed away the exact same way as her father. She’s been laid to rest in Graceland, beside her son, and not far from Elvis. This family has a legacy that’s timeless… One of imperfect people who lived and loved in the spotlight of the Press.

OK well, time to play a game with my Calandra. Have a wonderful evening!

Speak Life,