Sunday Whirl

Check out the details to this challenging post, here 😀

Here’s a list of this week’s words.

It was their Senior Year; and, they were itching for some fun. Through every other school year, they were the perfect manifestations of male and female students. They studied hard, got straight A’s, never caused friction with other Students. Hell, they nearly had perfect attendance too.
The shuffling, powdery substance, and eerie silence 🤫 was too much. There were dangerous broken pieces of metal, wire, and glass sprinkled around the entire lower floor. Chase and Laurel were nearly joined at the hip. A rustic and dried blood stained chainsaw blade hung in the wall that ran the left side of the living room. It was hard to miss. They nearly slit their hands, running from a spook that came shortly after entering the building.

This rundown 2687 sq/ft abandoned house belonged to Graphdun’s notoriously evil sociopath. For five decades, stories about Mr Sparling haunted the village. Many said the man was so apathetic, he’d pull an arm out of his victim’s socket, just to hang her (they were all females). Meanwhile, he’d stand there and get off, watching her scream in horror and agony.

The two slightly shuffled across the room, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. Again, then came a creek and rattle from across the room. It was as if whomever.. or should they say, whatever it was, mimicked them.

”Do you hear how close that seems?” Laurel barely managed to asked before everything went black, and she was gagging. She was wrapped in a retched and sticky blanket of some kind.

[I have been watching too much of the Idaho murder news coverage!]

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