Few Shorts Written This Morning

I wasn’t enough.
I can’t be to a person who
Feel’s nothing REAL..
Who holds the key to
A darkness that Hell Fears.
I can’t love any of your ugly,
Hold any of your torture,
Fix any of your suffering,
Or wish for any of your time.
I forgive myself for my
Illusion of who you were..
But, I now see who you are..
By God’s powerful grace
I forgive you..
But, I won’t let you
Destroy the life in me…
Because you’re empty,
Dark, and Broken.

– Nova Namastè

Yea, there’s hell and high waters.
That’s life.
Friend or foe… every being
Skeletons and secrets..
Their own demons, ugly and
Crippling diseases of night..
War rages on, when
Falls.. ..
Every enemy that
Resides within,
Cackles their devilish
As if reminding us,
They’re destruction
Is hellbent…
The strongest of
Us wage on.
Walking through fire
To be Indestructible.

– Nova Namastè


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