Do You Want to Live Forever or Live a Lifetime in a Few Years

Do you want to live forever?

I would never choose to live forever, in this physical world.

Why? Why would I deliberately choose to hurt loved ones? Why would I allow that pain to show it’s face, if I have the choice?

Let’s compartmentalize this thought, shall we?

  • Forever means overpopulation!
    Ummm… She, who is impatient, claustrophobic, highly sensitive, and Introverted… No thanks!
  • Pollution and Air Quality! Have you ever been to places like Korea, China, or Japan? There’s no way I’d want this planet in such devastating decay. Nor would I ever want my children to live in such a terrible place.
  • Science isn’t meant to be altered, for the sake of selfish intentions. I know the world of DNA cloning and robotics, AI’S, and advanced methods are in infant stages. I’m not sure that’s safe.. If that’s what humans should be doing.. If it’s for the good of all society. There’s no way, I’d challenge the natural process of life by living forever.
  • Additionally, if I lived forever, how much love would I receive from others? There’s an ignorance within our species that allows the elements needed for fruitful results, to be buried, until it’s fruitless tears at a funeral or wake.
  • Finally, the idea of living forever implies quantity. More what… Would productivity happen? Would anything happen? Or would we all sit back and say, ” Ah well, I’ll get around to it.” And ” Well, there’s always tomorrow.” The state of being would consist of poor quality.