That Quick

She started her morning in a fog. To distract herself from instantaneously crumbling her potential of a good day, she turned on iCkeDMel on YouTube. He’s a creditable, professional, yet intriguing man, with a channel that provides unbiased and factual news. Reports of today’s world always remind her, she’s not a filthy piece of trash. News reminds her the troubles she has are minut in comparison to others in this same world.

Slept well, she made her way to the coffee pot. This new one is a duo maker! There’s wonderful cons to using this grand invention. While waiting for the first cup, she headed to the restroom, and got her kids up.

Some time later, it was time for school. Kids scattered around, collecting socks {any random two, as they always do}, shoes, coats, and backpacks. She’s always thankful for the mornings (afternoons, evenings, nights… Whenever!) when there’s little to no resistance towards the necessary tasks.

The morning continued to the bus stop. Thankfully, another smooth transition. The car was loaded, gate opened, and off they went. Kids loaded onto the bus, less than 15 minutes after arriving to the stop.

Next, she had to drive to Rite Aid. Her pharmacy had medication that needed picked up. She drove up, and then things got WEIRD!

It was an unusual and uncontrollable instant reaction. She pulled up, and as the associate walked over to the window, her eyes danced from the associate to the left (as if caught that she was staring 😫… When in fact, she was doing what is normal for her in that situation), to the associate, to the left, and back to the associate. WHHAATTTT????

Once the insanity was over; and, she was focused on the associate’s face, the raised eyebrows and firm expression said enough. Now, she’s not going to speculate what the response to the dancing eyes meant. The ONLY detail the matters is this, there was a change in the associate’s demeanor.

Now, this was unintentional and quick. The whole thing happened in a matter of 45 seconds. The moment that stuck with her, as she left the drive thru; however, was.. the associate failed to make eye contact when good byes were exchanged.

It’s disheartening how the nonverbal communication is so easily misunderstood. To be honest, it’s the same for any form of communication. It says a lot about the state of adults’ mental health. It says a lot about the broken spirits that stand gaurd, ready to fight.. at a second’s notice.

None of us know what she was dealing with at the time. Likewise, the customer didn’t know any of the associates battles.

It’s important everyone stops moving and allows their mind, body, and soul to return to normal. Moving forward, she hopes grace is extended in situations where friction is present.

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