WordPress Asks

What could you do differently?

How easy could it be for me to slip into a horrible mental place with this question!

I’m going to try my best to NOT do that… Let’s get to it.

I could be more structured with chores, taking my anxiety medicine, and housework. This will alleviate tons of my stress.

I could come up with a visual schedule, so all three of us keeps on tasks. Additionally, this will help us to productive instead of frustrated.

I could mature some and give him space. Maturity is necessary. It’s apart of healthy relationships. If I’m trying to be in one, I need to be loving and mature enough to give the is space/time needed. That’s a struggle for me; because, I have abandonment issues.

I could create a meal plan. Accepting inputting from my daughters would allow them to feel apart of the process. This may create a less sense of power struggle.

I could set a goal, and work little tangible tasks, to earn my reward of a newer phone. This works with younger people. I don’t see why I couldn’t apply the same principle.

There’s many of things I could do differently; guess I’ll be getting to them.

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