This little guy sits in my truck’s dashboard light enclosure. I got him from a late Spring/early Summer visit to a local food pantry. It was a church location; and, I was extremely grateful. We picked up a few things that I didn’t realize I needed.

I sit here, sometimes, and think about the journey I’ve been on. I think about mental states I’ve been in; and, how different I am now. I think about how fear had kept me hostage for far too long. It kept me from seeing things, visiting people, trying new hobbies, furthering my education, striving towards a typical career.

Then, I think what I’ve done instead of allowing fear, depression, vertigo, anxiety, hurt, lies, betrayal, and anger suffocate me. I think about this place. A world of words, nothing short of magic, mysterious, fascinating, enchanting, educational, informative, expressive, inspiring, beautiful, and so much more. Some how, this space has become my public diary. I never fear hitting that punish button (despite my terrible habit of forgetting to spell check!). I’ve opened myself up to possibilities of endless scrutiny and judgement… but, it’s never happened.

As with my writing, I’ve taken time to explore some painting, letter writing, gardening, and photography. This city is a smorgasbord of art pieces, around every turn. On countless walls, Cleveland displays pride in culture, history, and music. It displays sculptures, oversized handcrafted pieces of the artist him/herself. The talent is only half the glorious beauty in a finished piece. The expression is just as amazing.

So, thank you for allowing me this space. Thank you to close of you who’ve followed me for some time, now. I appreciate your support, for I know I’ve never been one for consistency.

Thank you to those of you who’ve started following me. I’ve got such a story. I hope it encourages and helps you.

These past seven months, I’ve done so much reflection. I’m still on that path. I hope to come out, refined and renewed. My intentions for the next several posts is shadow work. I’m going to password protect it. If you’ve interest in joining me, please message me @ for the password.

Love & Light🕉️💗🫂

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