Food-For-Thought Thursday

[As I sit here, eating my Dairy Queen chili and cheese dogs…]

Shame creates self-sabotage & self -gaslightening.

Let me explain.

When you feel as if you have no voice, and don’t deserve to take up space, you excessively apologize.

More than likely, you’re living in this mindset/ these insecurities, due to childhood trauma.

I didn’t grow up using my voice. I don’t ever remember standing up for myself, regardless of whether or not I was right. I was quiet. I was soft. I kept my mouth shut.

Only within the past 7 years, have I embraced my truth that feelings are valid. I’m only now going about my days, more unapologetic. I don’t need to feel terrible that I happen to be in the pathway of another shopper. Only now am I learning to embrace everything I feel.. And refain from belittling my emotions.


This image spoke to me. When it comes to mental health, we talk so much about what others do to us, and not so much what we do to ourselves.

We talk about how we can improve our mental health but not so much how we prevent ourselves from doing it.

Shame is apart of the experience when a child is attempting to learn and discover on his/her/their own. Independently, they’re exporting their abilities and interests. Unfortunately, close enough by, is an adult or adults criticizing and behaving with disapproval.

I hope we all sit with our child selves and unlearn the negative. I hope we sit and require ourselves to believe something different. Our adult minds are capable of learning new things; why do we refuse to start with self-love?

I hope this encouraged and challenged you, today.

Work from the inside out 💖❤️‍🩹

Nova Namastè