Guys, I failed my kids, today.
My neighbor texted me some shit about trash in trash cans.

Naturally, as I know I do, I reacted before

A. I took my medication and

B. I gave myself enough time to work through the immediate emotions THEN respond.

I’ve learned that my landlord should be the communicator. I’ve also learned ghetto ass people in this neighborhood end up downstairs.

I never want my kids to talk to people like I yelled at my neighbor. I never want my kids growing up and talking to adults like he did to me!!

I don’t want to be angered that quick, either. It was bad!! I was probably more angry than I’ve been in a long time. Then again, adults in these fuckin kids lives (And yes, the last two that I’ve had a fight with have been just barely 21) are letting them act like babies.

I heard once your anger is an indication of whether you’re difficulty or easily manipulated. That’s where I failed. I went off!!

So there’s this:

Another part of me that I hate.

People straight up suck!