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Are you a good judge of character?

I believe my intuition is intensified to where I am accurate about one’s character. So I’m not saying that it’s my judge of character; but, rather, my gift via intuition.

Here’s a few examples of my intuition at work.
1. There was an accident, involving an early 20’s young man, his car, and our hillside. He was coming around the turn, flying down the street and ended up nose diving to the trunk of the tree, leaning bumper against it. My intuition said, pray for him! Literally, minutes after my siblings and I finished praying for a doctor, one just showed up.
2. Other incidences have been, where I would have physical pain or physical illnesses, identifying something wrong with a person or future event. I cannot physically be around some people without getting ill after sometime. This is my struggle with my current downstairs neighbor. I can sense that he’s very narcissistic in the charming sort of way. Additionally, it’s been very evident that he’s petty and immature.

I feel energy; good, bad, and different, involuntarily! I’ll know the aura of someone simply by looking in their eyes. There’s no way I can deny that; therefore, it’s hard for me to misjudge someone’s character.

Stay Safe,

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Nova Namastè

The Day of Christmas Eve

The certain things in life are few; but, nonetheless, true.

One is, you don’t need a perfect life to be happy.

Secondly, life isn’t perfect; but, there’s plenty of perfect moments.

Additionally, you can have bad days, without having a bad life.

I experienced more joy this December than any previous one. Our elves were funny and delightful, always bringing smiles and warmth to our home. I never dreamed such an imaginative play would do my heart so much good.

But, maybe, I had just forgotten.

I’m thankful that I recognize these precious moments. No matter how sad or depressed I feel, I don’t lose sight of what lifts me up.

Have a wonderful Saturday ☕️

With Love and Light,