3 Days Before Christmas: Love

Love is the reason for this holiday! It’s why a Virgin Mary carried a child. It’s why a stranger allowed this poor and fragile couple take shelter in his barn. It’s why Jesus was as selfless, humble, and kind as He was, despite His unfortunate passing. There’s endless examples of love throughout the Bible.
There’s endless scriptures, describing its value, necessity, and power.

When we were born, we thought like children. How would children describe love? What would they say about it? I believe the first thing they’d do is tell us how it makes them feel. For example, Olivia would say, “When I feel love, I feel warm.”Jordan might respond, “ When I feel love, I feel happy.”

Another way a child would describe love is through association. They will tell you who loves them! They’ll tell you mommy, Auntie Darla, Nana, Poppy, Uncle Bruce, whomever is in their lives.

They understand love in elementary terms. They understand it by their senses. That’s exactly how we all were, as children. We learned to define things by how it/they made us feel.

I remember my loves throughout my 37 years. I remember feeling “in love” all the time. Haha, I’ll admit, I wasn’t really. I was enjoying this safe adoration of whomever would give it to me. A occasional guy would be worth my investing. Most of them were potential from my lack of love at home.

Additionally, I never developed this feeling of security. I didn’t know what it was, actually. I didn’t know it was a necessity. I never knew I had the capability to create it within myself, until today.

So love is more than we define it. It’s bigger than we imagine it. It’s deeper than any depth we could possibly comprehend. It’s something we all have. It’s something we all give. It’s something timeless, uncontrollable, unconditional, and uncontainable.

It’s humanity that subjects it to anything else, due to what we feel, see, and believe. We screw it up.

Once we realize ourselves; and, we decide it’s time to heal trauma.. We begin seeing it differently. It starts with us. Love starts with us. Our version of love is a reflection of ourselves… Do you like that version?

Are there parts of yourself that need your attention or forgiveness? Can you work through insecurities so that you can allow others to love you? Do you need to unlearn the lies of voices you’ve listened?

Life’s so short. It breaks my heart when I read and see the suffering in our world. I break my own heart when I consider no adult nurtured me to a place when I could flourish.

We’re here. It’s Christmas. We’re wiser and more kind than we were twenty minutes ago. Let’s spend every day forward, creating a love for ourselves.. Because we deserve it.

Until next time,

Nova Namastè