5 Days Before Christmas: New Year’s Goals

I was just listening to Ms Zo’s TikTok live. She referenced a quote she recently heard.

It went like this:

” We judge others by their actions. We judge ourself by our thoughts.”

Isn’t that profound? Why is that?

Are our thoughts anymore damaging then our actions?

They’re less permanent; but, they are the loudest in our personal lives.

Do we do this because we only know our own thoughts, but, not necessarily those of others?

That could be the reason. On the contrary, though, we could judge ourselves based on our behavior, as we do others.

In the opposite side, do our thoughts and behaviors match? Sometimes, they should!

I felt this quote spoke about the human flaw, we are our own worst critics.

Something to work on next year.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè