6 Days Before Christmas: Reflecting

Is my life today, what I pictured it would’ve been, a year ago?

No. It’s more raw. It’s full of unexpected events that have taken me on this alter perspective journey.

My outlook on life is more excited, to meet the possibilities.
My anticipation for new adventures has risen significantly.

My belief in my ability to achieve a goal, is not only, present, but also, in the premature stages of solidification.

My Lizzie McGuire voice never fails to give me feedback, especially when I don’t want to hear it.
Spiritually, I’ve time traveled to different parts of my past, and saw it from a new angle.

I’ve met amazing people! Honestly, I don’t know how I never knew them before. They’re life changing, simply by being themselves.
I’ve learned more about the bones and joints of a vehicle.

I’ve accomplished 3 major 2022 New Years Resolutions.. though, one hasn’t panned out as I imagined.

I’ve felt deeper. I’ve succeeded greatly. I’ve sought help; and, I’ve been more intentional.

I watch a Youtuber, who strives to be 3% better every day. I’ve considered that greatly, as of lately.
I never want to die the exact same person as I was the day before.

There’s too many people to talk to, subjects to study, hobbies to try, and foods to taste. While there was significantly more change in what this year was vs what I imagined, I am deeply grateful.

Until next time,

Nova Namastè