7 Days Before Christmas: Lessons

What skills or lessons have you learned recently?

Lesson #1: Check your address BEFORE you submit an order. Otherwise, intimate body jewelry may land on the doorstep of an elderly lady.

Lesson #2: Before confidence can blossom a skill, perfection will kill all opportunities.

Lesson #3: Double check orders before buying; or else, you may end up with two of the same LOL doll.

Lesson #4: People who are dealing with heavy stuff (unalive stuff), will have signs of a destructive pattern. (not necessarily something new.. more of a confirmation.)

Lesson #5: In situations when someone is upset with me, I can differentiate where I am and am not in the wrong. Maturity has a way of building understanding.

Lesson #6: People who don’t understand there WILL be conflict between us ; but, so can be reconciliation… Aren’t my people.

Until next time,

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas 🎄❄️

Nova Namastè

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