10 Days Before Christmas: Dairy Queen & Jesus

First, let me show you how God showed himself to me, today. Only but 10 minutes ago, when I decided to share this personal experience with you, did the the gloomy and ugliness of Winter hang around. Suddenly, we have light.. explosion of warmth, serotonin, and beauty.

Roughly two and a half weeks ago, I screwed up my truck. It was already screwed up; but, you know.. it was one of those do the complete job or none at all stupid moments.
After a depressing trip to a car center, I returned home with a list of parts that MUST be fixed first. One step forward, leads to two steps back.

Feeling completely defeated, I took to BookFace (If you read this, and think of Dear Momma Tot, you’re my tribe!!). I needed to handle this situation; after all, I created the mess. During this time of parts shopping (my very least favorite type of shopping!!), I decided my girls would start riding the bus. Now, momma bear was hesitant about this because I was concerned about bullying.

After the kids got off the bus, I decided we were going to go to the Dairy Queen. I had my car fixed enough; so , I wanted to go. I was craving their choco fudge. It’s amazing. We hadn’t been there in weeks. It was going to be an extra special treat.

As we tucked out ice cream and hot dogs, I turned left to head back home. This had been the furthest I’ve traveled from my apartment for some time.. I was a bit nervous about it. As I came down one particular street, something came over me. “This is the time to teach the girls about the real meaning of Christmas.” God said.

I heard Him loud and clear. It was so unexpected. The whole experience was surreal. The girls listened tentatively. They asked questions; and, I had answers. I didn’t expect the process to be as smooth and effortless, , accepting and understanding. Calandra said, “So where is Jesus now?”
I explained God and Jesus are in heaven. She followed with a list of who she knows that has died.

I explained, “Heaven is full of amazing people!”

The absolute best 💗

I’ll never forget this special ride.

Until next time,

Nova Namastè

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