12.99 Days Before Christmas: Trains πŸš‚

Aren’t these huge dirty chunks of heavy metal magical?? Hahaha!!

In seriousness, though, I find them amazing. I suppose my admiration was intertwined into my DNA.

I was born in this small Eastern city called Bellaire. At the time of my arrival, Bellaire was still a predominantly industrial area. We had the natural means of travel via tracks and the Ohio River.


I’m so thankful to have come from a place that provided jobs, a future, and more to so many families. My childhood home sat on a hill. All the years I lived there, the background noise was muffled. Life was too crazy.

When I moved, to a new little area, I heard that old familiar sound. The whistle of a train resonated through my window.

Wherever I live, everywhere I go, and whatever is around, I hope for a grand site. Whether it’s The Polar Express, The Christmas Train, Harry Potter, a real life ride, or museum display, I will admire these amazing vehicles.

Thanks for reading!

Nova Namastè

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