19 Days Before Christmas: Sparkle & Stella Shenanigans

It’s been an adventure. Here is Miss Stella and Miss Glitter

Welcomed Back with little treats for Zivah & Calandra.

December 1st

After that, these two ornery elfettes ended up in our Advent tree because ” The Floor is Lava “! It’s a game most kids are playing, these days.

December 2nd

After a weekend of quiet, these two sprung back up Sunday afternoon to a game of Elf twister. You’ve best believe that was a site! All kinds of hooting, hollaring, and carrying on. The girls returned home to witness the end result of that game.

December 5th

While the house was quiet, the girls were at school, and these Elfettes were at it again. They knew Calandra was going to be a bit more excited to color; but, they had two copies of every sheet.

And then, we have this morning… Well… see for yourself 🤪🤪🙈 They are an unpredictable duo, I must say! They found my bows, and decided to ride the upside down Merry -Go- Round. Oh goodness, I forgot to tell you.. the girls found them sitting on the couch, on the phone with Santa!! Can you believe it?

December 6th

These two are so delightful! My Calandra hasn’t stopped talking about them since they arrived! Zivah has been lovely surprised, too.

I will be sure to fill you in, with updates!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Nova Namastè