20 Days Before Christmas: Templates

You don’t have to buy when you can make 😉 Here’s some cute templates to check out :

Three kids coloring cards via Sunny Day Family
These are elf printables from printablee.

Additionally, use everything from poster board printed colored village buildings, to gift tags, decorations, to party games. Pinterest has it all. There’s no need to stress and create anxiety.

With Love and Light,


Reblog😂😂Wishing For One-Liners

Wishing For One-Liners


  1. I complained to my psychiatrist that nobody listens to me….
    ….He said, “Next.”
  2. I’m on the rotation diet….
    ….Every time I turn around I eat.
  3. My date last night wanted to go someplace expensive….
    ….so I took her to a gas station.
  4. The first thing I notice when someone approaches me….
    ….The audacity.
  5. I do whatever the voices….
    ….in my wife’s head tell me to.