23 Days Before Christmas: Holiday Grief

As the time draws near, never expect yourself, or anyone else to feel anything other than what is. Grief can’t be rushed. It shouldn’t be compressed or minimized for the sake of a holiday. What you feel is valid and truth. It’s real; and, it’s yours.

As expected, there maybe times when you’re overwhelmed by it. In such cases, there several coping strategies you can try. For example, step away from the agitation, crowd, or situation. Secondly, you can head home if you feel the need to be alone. Additionally, taking time to write can help you to hear yourself, evaluate your process, notice your patterns, and praise your progress.

With the same respect, the grieving journey is different for everyone. The consist truth; however, is life’s unpredictability. That said, there can and should be moments when you to feel something good, something light, something positive. Part of your healing is accepting; then, following through, with letting go. Letting go of guilt, regret, shame, and faulty responsibility begins your journey. Letting go of the past, the sadness that connects you with the past, and fear must follow.

I know Christmas triggers so many things in so many people. That breaks my heart; but, my hope is here for those who need it. Hope for a better – than – expected time with family. Hope for a genuine laugh out loud feeling. Hope for a warm and fuzzy feeling. Hope for a first kiss. Hope in enchanted snow coated lit trees. Hope in the vibrations of sung Oh Holy Night. Hope in the Synchronity of our universe; in God’s greater plan.

Where there is hope, there’s possibility. A night when two young people traveled, seeking shelter for a safe birth.. In uncertainty, hoping to find where they were meant to stop..

That’s where hope began 💗 Hold onto it 💗

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

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