Cheers to You

Do you understand the power you poses? To decide?!

For the majority of us, our homeland is one of freedoms.

From the moment we wake up, to the moment we fall asleep, we have opportunities of choices.

Men and women have died for you to feel this privilege. Blood shed, from slaves to soldiers, for us Americans to wake up each morning, and do what we desire.

Everyone deserves that.. But, it’s not everyone’s truth. It’s not everyone’s option

In the coming year, let’s make a change. Let’s do something differently.

Let’s focus on ourselves and be better! Let’s give, laugh, help, uplift, and express gratitude.

I don’t know about you.. But, I hate seeing all this negativity in the world.

So cheers to you! You’re beautifully crafted, with specific gifts and talents only you can give this world. Only your presence makes sense of the worlds in which you are apart.

I love you!

Nova Namastè

Pre-Planning 2023

I was scrolling through my notifications; and, I came across Dr. Andrea Dinardo’s One Word Vision for 2023. It was lovely to see the same wavelength I’ve been riding, lately. You can read it here.

I’ve decided my word for 2023 is HOPE.

I am keeping it in the forefront of my relationship, financial, health, personal, educational, parental, friendship, and creative goals.

Last night, I created something, for the first time: a vision board.

You can take a look here:

These are 17 of my goals. Some are health related; while, others are financial. Some are hobbies; but, others are more a necessity. No matter the reason, they will guide me on my path of intentional living. They’re a snapshot of foreshadowing in my story.

I want to end by saying, I am proud of myself for deciding to live on purpose. I’m looking forward to being in 2023. I’m looking for to what I plan to accomplish, as well as, what unexpectedly falls in my lap.

Thank you for joining me through this year of blogging! I hope you will continue to be awesome and remember you are loved.

Love & Light,


Food-For-Thought Thursday

[As I sit here, eating my Dairy Queen chili and cheese dogs…]

Shame creates self-sabotage & self -gaslightening.

Let me explain.

When you feel as if you have no voice, and don’t deserve to take up space, you excessively apologize.

More than likely, you’re living in this mindset/ these insecurities, due to childhood trauma.

I didn’t grow up using my voice. I don’t ever remember standing up for myself, regardless of whether or not I was right. I was quiet. I was soft. I kept my mouth shut.

Only within the past 7 years, have I embraced my truth that feelings are valid. I’m only now going about my days, more unapologetic. I don’t need to feel terrible that I happen to be in the pathway of another shopper. Only now am I learning to embrace everything I feel.. And refain from belittling my emotions.


This image spoke to me. When it comes to mental health, we talk so much about what others do to us, and not so much what we do to ourselves.

We talk about how we can improve our mental health but not so much how we prevent ourselves from doing it.

Shame is apart of the experience when a child is attempting to learn and discover on his/her/their own. Independently, they’re exporting their abilities and interests. Unfortunately, close enough by, is an adult or adults criticizing and behaving with disapproval.

I hope we all sit with our child selves and unlearn the negative. I hope we sit and require ourselves to believe something different. Our adult minds are capable of learning new things; why do we refuse to start with self-love?

I hope this encouraged and challenged you, today.

Work from the inside out 💖❤️‍🩹

Nova Namastè


A new year signifies a new beginning. So many of us quit our New Years Resolutions before the end of January. Why is that? More importantly, how can we prevent it from happening?

Here’s a brief list of my suggestions:

  1. Find an accountability partner. This person will keep check on you, and help you stay on track.
  2. Decide to accomplish the goal. When you make the actual decision, there’s no longer time for leniency.
  3. Make a timeline of tangible steps. When you break a task down, it can appear much less overwhelming.
  4. Do it despite your fear. Most new things are uncomfortable and scary. As a species, we immediately begin doubting ourselves with all the what-ifs. Let’s try to replace that with “Let’s see how far I can get!” That’ll encourage us to try again.
  5. Celebrate every step! You working hard on something is worth celebrating. Even if no one else does with you, or even knows, take a minute to be your own cheerleader. You deserve it.

I would like to close with this writing I published just this morning.

Have a great Wednesday and stay Safe!
With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè


Guys, I failed my kids, today.
My neighbor texted me some shit about trash in trash cans.

Naturally, as I know I do, I reacted before

A. I took my medication and

B. I gave myself enough time to work through the immediate emotions THEN respond.

I’ve learned that my landlord should be the communicator. I’ve also learned ghetto ass people in this neighborhood end up downstairs.

I never want my kids to talk to people like I yelled at my neighbor. I never want my kids growing up and talking to adults like he did to me!!

I don’t want to be angered that quick, either. It was bad!! I was probably more angry than I’ve been in a long time. Then again, adults in these fuckin kids lives (And yes, the last two that I’ve had a fight with have been just barely 21) are letting them act like babies.

I heard once your anger is an indication of whether you’re difficulty or easily manipulated. That’s where I failed. I went off!!

So there’s this:

Another part of me that I hate.

People straight up suck!



Dollhouse vs Darth Vader

As a parent, I want my children to have what I never did. I know I’ve done that on a few different levels. Today, was another beautiful example.

You see, I love both my girls. My Zivah, however, is very much her dad and Uncle John. There’s little if any desire in her to play dress up, play with Barbies, or pretend any female typical role. That’s ok. I have LOVED seeing my world grow with cars and trucks, Paw Patrol and Minecraft.

In 2016, my sweet baby Calandra was born. I think intuitively, she knew she was going to be girlie girl.. cause her daddy wasn’t having it any other way 😂😂😂 She was born ready for beauty pageants! To be honest, I am so happy for this blend of dress up and teacher, drawing and all that little girls typically do.

It’s a wonderful journey, to watch them both. We get a taste of everything.

Thank you for allowing me to share these two with you.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

WordPress Asks (new series)

Are you a good judge of character?

I believe my intuition is intensified to where I am accurate about one’s character. So I’m not saying that it’s my judge of character; but, rather, my gift via intuition.

Here’s a few examples of my intuition at work.
1. There was an accident, involving an early 20’s young man, his car, and our hillside. He was coming around the turn, flying down the street and ended up nose diving to the trunk of the tree, leaning bumper against it. My intuition said, pray for him! Literally, minutes after my siblings and I finished praying for a doctor, one just showed up.
2. Other incidences have been, where I would have physical pain or physical illnesses, identifying something wrong with a person or future event. I cannot physically be around some people without getting ill after sometime. This is my struggle with my current downstairs neighbor. I can sense that he’s very narcissistic in the charming sort of way. Additionally, it’s been very evident that he’s petty and immature.

I feel energy; good, bad, and different, involuntarily! I’ll know the aura of someone simply by looking in their eyes. There’s no way I can deny that; therefore, it’s hard for me to misjudge someone’s character.

Stay Safe,

Speak Life,

Spread Kindness:

Nova Namastè

The Day of Christmas Eve

The certain things in life are few; but, nonetheless, true.

One is, you don’t need a perfect life to be happy.

Secondly, life isn’t perfect; but, there’s plenty of perfect moments.

Additionally, you can have bad days, without having a bad life.

I experienced more joy this December than any previous one. Our elves were funny and delightful, always bringing smiles and warmth to our home. I never dreamed such an imaginative play would do my heart so much good.

But, maybe, I had just forgotten.

I’m thankful that I recognize these precious moments. No matter how sad or depressed I feel, I don’t lose sight of what lifts me up.

Have a wonderful Saturday ☕️

With Love and Light,


Christmas Eve’s Eve: aka Dos Dias Antes de Navidàd

Photo by Jill Wellington on

The kids are getting so excited! The snow has arrived. The celebration of Jesus’s birth is days away. Here I am, once again, battling depression. I hate it. To be fair, there’s several reasons why I’m feeling down; however, I don’t want to go into it.

Instead, I want to share some yummy recipes I’m intending to try in the coming weeks.

  1. This first one looks so delightful!
    It’s from dear crissy‘s blog, found here:D These are Christmas Gooey Butter Cookies.
  2. Need an appetizer, quick and easy to serve guests? From High Heals & Grills, take a look at these yummy Baked Ham and Cheese Rollups.
  1. Here’s a healthy, and super cute dish that’ll make every meal, complete. From Suburban Simplicity‘s site, Christmas Fruit Kabobs!
  1. I’m craving these; and, I’ve never had them before! I love cinnamon sugar anything!! These Cinnamon Cream Cheese Cookies, from This Silly Girl’s Kitchen look scrumptious!!!!

Cooking was something I enjoyed; not so much anymore. I plan on using some of the Christmas break, with my girls, enjoying quality time together. Let me know if you have a holiday tradition dish 🙂

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

3 Days Before Christmas: Love

Love is the reason for this holiday! It’s why a Virgin Mary carried a child. It’s why a stranger allowed this poor and fragile couple take shelter in his barn. It’s why Jesus was as selfless, humble, and kind as He was, despite His unfortunate passing. There’s endless examples of love throughout the Bible.
There’s endless scriptures, describing its value, necessity, and power.

When we were born, we thought like children. How would children describe love? What would they say about it? I believe the first thing they’d do is tell us how it makes them feel. For example, Olivia would say, “When I feel love, I feel warm.”Jordan might respond, “ When I feel love, I feel happy.”

Another way a child would describe love is through association. They will tell you who loves them! They’ll tell you mommy, Auntie Darla, Nana, Poppy, Uncle Bruce, whomever is in their lives.

They understand love in elementary terms. They understand it by their senses. That’s exactly how we all were, as children. We learned to define things by how it/they made us feel.

I remember my loves throughout my 37 years. I remember feeling “in love” all the time. Haha, I’ll admit, I wasn’t really. I was enjoying this safe adoration of whomever would give it to me. A occasional guy would be worth my investing. Most of them were potential from my lack of love at home.

Additionally, I never developed this feeling of security. I didn’t know what it was, actually. I didn’t know it was a necessity. I never knew I had the capability to create it within myself, until today.

So love is more than we define it. It’s bigger than we imagine it. It’s deeper than any depth we could possibly comprehend. It’s something we all have. It’s something we all give. It’s something timeless, uncontrollable, unconditional, and uncontainable.

It’s humanity that subjects it to anything else, due to what we feel, see, and believe. We screw it up.

Once we realize ourselves; and, we decide it’s time to heal trauma.. We begin seeing it differently. It starts with us. Love starts with us. Our version of love is a reflection of ourselves… Do you like that version?

Are there parts of yourself that need your attention or forgiveness? Can you work through insecurities so that you can allow others to love you? Do you need to unlearn the lies of voices you’ve listened?

Life’s so short. It breaks my heart when I read and see the suffering in our world. I break my own heart when I consider no adult nurtured me to a place when I could flourish.

We’re here. It’s Christmas. We’re wiser and more kind than we were twenty minutes ago. Let’s spend every day forward, creating a love for ourselves.. Because we deserve it.

Until next time,

Nova Namastè