30 Days Before Christmas: The Tree

Look at what I just found 😳😳😍😍😍😍😍

The center of many christmas decorations is a grand tree. Here in the upper part of the US, a pine tree is laced with lights, bulbs, and popcorn.

Some families enjoy decorating it according to a chosen them.

Grinch Decor Anyone?

Some were inspired to use poinsettias, certain colors, even pickles!

Growing up, my family had the tradition of decorating it together. We would hang endless ornaments of years past. The stories were told, year after year.

With my children, nothing has ever been traditional! I think I may find an interesting theme to use. A few years back, we had our tree designed and lit on the wall. It was quite beautiful.

I’m fascinated with the intentionality built in American traditions. For example, pine trees were used by Wiccans to keep away evil. They simply continued use of them into the holiday season. Other similar trees, such as evergreens, were chosen In symbolism to eternal connection/life with God! Obviously, most of us know the Christian belief of Mary, Joseph, and the star.

Did you know, in the early 1830s, when Germans traveled to the United States, governors fought against this idea of decorating lights on trees, with chanting carols. They felt their version as sacred! Can you imagine? Read more about it here.

The Times Author Olivia B Waxman, wrote an interesting article about the tree, traditions, and more.

I am so glad I decided to explore this topic today. These trees bring so much delight to families. It’s a great blessing considering its origin.

Until Next Time,

Nova Namastè

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