20 Easy New Years Resolutions You Can Accomplish

With Christmas music playing, I’m laying here, thinking about the holiday season. It’s a time, full of obligations, stress, deadlines, agony, and fights. That sounds terrible doesn’t it? It’s true.

When December ends, and that magnificent ball lights up our new year, many of us carry full intention on accomplishing new goals.

It’s a new chance to succeed. It feels good to focus on improving ourselves. It gives our minds the boost of good chemicals during the Winter Blues. If you’ve never made any New Year resolution before, I hope you’ll try this year.

Here’s a list of 20 New Years Resolutions anyone can accomplish…

  1. Tell yourself daily: ” I love you. You are enough.”
  2. Three days a week, spend 10 minutes in deep breathing meditation.
  3. Every other day, do something kind for someone else.
  4. Walk the stairs more often.
  5. Spend $10 at the Dollar Tree for non-perishable foods and donate to charity.
  6. Compliment a stranger.
  7. Give out hugs.
  8. Focus souly on self improvement.
  9. Try a new food, craft, sport, or hobby.
  10. Unplug from electronic devices 1 hour a week (not counting while sleeping).
  11. Doubt less, believe more.
  12. More yes, less no
  13. Don’t speak negativity.
  14. Sing and laugh
  15. Turn off the news, as often as possible.
  16. Put better money habits into practice.
  17. Intentionally stay connected with good/healthy friends.
  18. Journal a daily 5 things Gratitude list.
  19. Spend time in the quiet. (Be in whatever comes at the time.)
  20. Let that pass. It’s part of healing.

These require so little money. Many cost nothing, yet, will make a positive impact on your life. They’re simple and effective in self development. I hope you will give some a try.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè


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