Darlene Foster’s Post: Green Gables House

Many of you know that Anne of Green Gables is my favourite children’s book. The opportunity to see the house in Prince Edward Island that inspired …

Green Gables House

Here’s my thoughts:

My favorite part of this charming girl is her unnecessary
constant chatter😂😂😂

The Joy During the Holiday Season

It’s where you choose to see it. The holidays are exceptionally difficult for many of us.. OK, maybe all of us.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with blustery winds. Oh Holy Night, when days are cold and colorless. Dashing through snow, with empty seats where loved ones once sat. We’ve all been there; we’ve all felt it.

It’s valid. It’s your truth. You’re allowed to be in the moments, and work through them. I know the struggle. I understand the pain of absence for the first time. I have lived through times when I wanted to hide, scream, cry, then sleep. We all have different sceneries; but, we’ve lived the same horror.

My past few days have been so ugly. It’s been moreso because these past 5 months have been hell. I’ve put my car in reserve, got out, and damaged by front end. I need a wheel alignment now. My vehicle won’t drive forward unless I told the steering wheel 180*. My body is doing something abnormal with spotting. My six year old almost got hit my a car, centimeters from, right in front of her school. I bumped a lady’s car trying to pull into a parking spot.. It’s been a downpour of shit.

What I’m encouraging today, is try to look outside of it.

Joy is in the moments, too.

Do you notice them? Do you embrace them? Will you allow yourself that?

This morning, though, I found some joy. Using this cup and straw during the right time of year. Taking this picture, capturing the magic of Christmas. Watching a long flat bed drive reverse all the way down the street… Then unexpectedly, all the way up. It was refreshing to genuinely feel something funny.

Last night, I was an anxious mess. I had an argument with someone, about an agreement that didn’t involve him. When I laid down, I decided to live by this mantra..

No amount of anxiety will change the past. No amount of worry will change the future. You have right now, with what you’ve got. Make the most of it; because others pray for a life, like yours.

– Nova Namastè

I do what I can, with what I have, right now. I need to look for more joy. I need to spend the holiday season embracing goodness, happiness, and laughter. I need to eat too many baked goods, and sit with my feet in my foot spa.

I need to see beautiful lights downtown. I need to smile when I hear the joy in my daughters, as they catch glimpses of the holidays. I need to write cards, and give them to VA locations. I need to bundle up, and go for walks. I need to keep my heart open to the joy in the moments.

Because they’re there…

Because I can…

Because it’s good for me…

Because it’s going to improve my mental health…

Find the joy this holiday season, no matter how challenging it may be.. Because you can… It’s in you… And you deserve it.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè