Breaking The Binding

Photo found on Facebook.

I’ve been in an insane circle. Light headed from the swirling, my stomach threatens to erupt. My lungs gasp for adequate air, enough to bring me back to grounded. One misfortune after another suddenly downpour on me. I don’t understand.

Admist the troubling water, I need to emerge and find solitude in my truth. Things could have been so much worse. God removes the toxic from my life, to make room for that which is mine. Things, such as social media and texting arguments, have no influence, nor value in my life.

I am a warrior, a survivor. I’ve only ever known the habit of get it done. I’ve done so; but, I am in a place when I can put down some of this anxiety. When time passes, I’m able to rest my mind, body, and heart. I’m able to use reason and see clarity.

Today, I accept my ability to control what I can. I accept there will be aspects of which I can’t control.. And I’m not meant to. I embrace my own thoughts and feelings regarding my circumstances and behaviors. I value, speak goodness to, and love my imperfect self. I forgive myself for my mistakes. I refuse any lashing out, disrespect, and negativity that could be thrown at me.

I seek a ledge of protection from the greatest of God, the universe, and all that is good.


💗 Nova