Sunday Post

I’m struggling badly, today. It’s frightening.

I feel isolated. I feel abandoned. I feel awkward

and too much to handle. I feel my only real friend,

died. I feel I’m too difficult, so people leave. I feel

I’m too closed off to trust anyone.. And I’m too

opened to helping others. I feel like it’s so difficult

to be active on social media. Everything and

anything can be taken so far out of context.

I feel I’ll never understand a healthy marriage. I

there’s something wrong with my body, right

now; but, I don’t have the energy to dive into it.

I’m depressed. I’m unappreciated. I have

canceled twice on my initial therapy session.

Right now, I’m empty and exhausted.

I’m going to sleep. Hopefully, the rest will help.

❤️ Brandy