My Mental Health Journey #31: Inner-Child Healing

Dear Me,

With tons going on, the universe is surfacing holes in my character. It’s not pointing fingers, chanting “You suck, nada nada nada!”.. But, it’s sitting on my shoulder, whispering an irrational fear: You’ll never be a good person or decent member of society.

Growing up, I knew very little about time and adult experiences. I had nearly zero exposure to real world stuff: racism, drugs, gangs, violence, traffic violations, vehicle accidents. Sure, to an extent, that was what could have allowed me a healthy childhood. It didn’t though; my young years were not healthy, emotionally.. And I was not happy.

I’m thankful for these moments of clarity and wisdom. I’m thankful that I am allowing this reflection of change. It’s been eye opening, lonely, and sad… But necessary for healing.

Give yourself gace. Self-realization and growth are wonderful things.

❤️ Nova