Instant Gratification Damage

Patience is a virtue.

I believe that. I have learned it’s true.

In today’s culture, to gratify satisfy is equivalent to quick. It’s expected to be instantaneous even.

I know recently, I began to panic; not as if a hurricane may wipe out my area or I may be without food for a few weeks… No, I felt a panic because my charging port on my iPhone 8+ has been wonky lately.

Yeah!! So I get it. I’m guilty of the instant gratification disease. In my case, the constant immediacy lead to an experience of panic, when the “norm” was inturrupted. Imagine that… Negative impact! 😫😳

Then, I came across this quote. It’s further reminded me the necessity of waiting.

We’re not expected to be responsible for knowing everything. Imagine that chaos!! I don’t think there’d be less chaos and panic. I don’t think there’d be less dying and more living.

So, while I understand the waiting IS easier said than done… By no means should we expect anything else of ourselves and others.

The bigger picture has parts and insight we’ve yet to see. We shouldn’t try and rush it.

So please try and slow down. Be in the moments. That’s where life happens.

Happy Saturday 💗

Nova Namastè