The Walking Dead

The all too familiar TV show appeared on A&E. It began with Rick stopping by an overturned truck.

As the story goes on, he finds himself in a hospital, oblivious to the “Walkers” that lurk outdoors.

With this being spooky season, it’s common to see ghosts and skeletons, monsters and scary scary.

What frightens me more, is hidden in plain sight when it’s any ordinary day.

I find some of us are the walking dead. We aimlessly wander. We grunt and growl at people. We’re distracted by nonsense noise. We don’t eat well. We don’t share. There’s no “living” in the routine.

The skeletons and hackles sneak into the silence. The cloudy grey skies tempt us to give in to depression and forget about life.


We’re alive, beautiful people. We drive and run, sing, create, give, learn, see, do, breathe, and grow. Is it not a privilege to see “right now”? Is there not enough ugly in the world?

My hope is to thrive among the living. I don’t want to be bitten by the monsters. I don’t wish to add to that madness.

What about you?

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

One thought on “The Walking Dead

  1. I’ve followed The Walking Dead from the beginning. I liked the earlier episodes the most. The zombies, or walkers, were frightening, but what was more frightening was how some people behaved.



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