My Meditation Routine

I am so proud of myself! Just two days ago, I began “self reflecting”. I do so in the morning, with an added dash of “Shine“.. To get my mind clear and breathing/body back to a natural rhythm. It’s been great, to feel small changes. It’s nice to have contentment and expanded lungs. It feels wonderful to practice new ways to feel better. I love writing affirmations and different ideas down (and I try to write as many as possible!) so I can reread later.

Additionally, I do a nighttime reflection. This one is to end my day with good and useful information. I write such things as one word to describe my day. I’ll write a particular memorable event, a few affirmations, and goals for tomorrow.

Anxiety and stress takes a huge toll on our bodies. Everything from our shoulders, backs, and legs, to our lungs, heart, and brain. When we remove that which weighs on us, we need to fill the space with healthier habits. I highly recommend grabbing a journal, looking up some self discovery prompts, and downloading some self-care apps.

This is your life! How good or bad you feel IS YOUR CHOICE!

This was today’s message in Shine. The sounds of humming, simple chants, and vibrations do effects the body. We can take care of ourselves simply by allowing 15 minutes to sound meditation. 

  • Brandy


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