Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge 2022: Night

The theme for Day 10 of this spooky challenge is night.

As the mystical hours set upon me, the aura shifts. It’s not the hustle and bustle of the outside world, that pollutes the air. No, it’s far more dangerous. It’s far more deadly..

It’s the silent screams of all that hurts, haunts, and hinders me. I enter the world of skeletons in my closet. Grief pulls at me, from the death of people I love. Fear whispers “ You’ll never be enough!” and “ You’re too much to handle!”, at the same time.

And the scenes… , the mental screenplay of times that traumatized me, play over and over, in my head. The madness of questioning creeps in, only to suffocate me with horrendous anxiety. The rain of salty, raged, and hopeless tears flood my space.

The terrors of the night are only the same but different. I try my best to manage.

With love and light,

Nova Namastè


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