Toxic Positivity

I joined a community called Communia. I’ll post the links (Apple) here & (Google) here.

Last week, a member posed a question. It made me reflect on the concept, Toxic Positivity.

For anyone who’s never heard it, this means inspite any and all circumstances, one should remain positive and optimistic.

How is that different from say, a positive mindset/mentality? When someone is trapped in this toxicity, (all pronouns) ignore parts of (all pronouns) existence, hence preventing (all pronouns) to grow and heal.

We all live some disturbing, exciting, wonderful, and heartbreaking events. We owe it to ourselves to allow every bit of all experiences to come and go.

It’s ok to not be ok. You’re not in danger, if you’re not ok. You’re not weak or anything less than who you’ve always been: human.

I hope this helps encourage you to put down the ” I have it all together” front, and be honest with yourself.

You should be that with you.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

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