Your Potential is Big 💞

Letter Reads:

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. Today marks the downward slope, smooth sailing to the weekend. I would love to believe that, anyway. How has your week been? Anything significant stand out?

While enjoying my coffee, I watched a special about the meeting of President Nixon and Elvis Presley. I was shocked, and quite disappointed with myself, that I hadn’t realized this historic glimpse even took place. Nonetheless, Mr Presley impressed me, not because of his immense talent, but rather, his tenacity and initiative. He had an idea, one of which he fully and completely believed. He took the necessary steps, negotiating comfort and convenience, to fulfill his plan.

That said, I hope to encourage you to take that step. We’re all unique, with individual gifts and ideas to share. When an opportunity arises, one in which is calling us, I hope you take it. That very opportunity was specially created, ONLY for you. In the alignment of time and space, in the process of synchronity, everything lead to you. You are equipped to shine. You have all that is required (and then some!) to make your mark on this Earth. Just believe in yourself.


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