What She & She Said

Tucked in the back shrubs of an oversized cemetery, she sat. Numb.. Weak… her mind and heart too conflicted to respond.

“Why are you here?” she asked herself.

“You KNOW this place is where you’ve always felt him right next to you.” Her heart continued, “With all that has come to light, why would you deliberately put yourself in pain?”

The question stung. She was so right. She took a deep breath, while her mind raced.

“It’s where you found clarity and courage. It’s where the sun, songs, and silence solidified the forever love for this man.” Her head added, rather abruptly.

“Coming here took courage! That’s apart of healing.” She continued.

“She doesn’t need that right now. It makes no sense for her to be here.” Her heart stroke back.

Head stopped for a second,… Trying to find a reason.. any reason to justify this stupidity. It’s all so new yet. Less than six months ago, her life changed forever. It’s not nearly long enough to comprehend this absence.

Not the gush of Autumn color, nor the respect to the slain War Heroes held the answer, either. Not today.

Her head knew it certainly wasn’t for exercise. No, her head had no answer. There wasn’t any.

Her heart grew heavy; and, the tears swelled her eyes. As if there was significance in the two, a song played that reminded her of another loved one, who’s passed.

It’s not to dwell in the mistakes. It’s not to engage in some friendly chat. Guh. She didn’t know.

Maybe it was just for this.. a secluded place so her brain and heart and battle it out.. once and for all. Away from life, tucked in the back shrubs of an oversized cemetery, she sat. Numb.. Weak..

…with no better understanding than when she arrived.

– Thanks for reading!

Nova Namastè

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