This morning, I found the 22nd season of The Voice. As I went through my phone, I enjoyed the contestants’ stories and the coaches’ commodary.

I thought about the courage it took, for each performer to complete the audition. This isn’t some church Christmas pageant. It’s a grand stage, behind 4 amazingly gifted artists; and, an opportunity of a lifetime.

Later, I was scrolling through Pinterest. I found this image; and, something struck me.

When someone changes, it’s due to influences of circumstances or situations.

When someone says, “A lot changed me.”, it’s now a personal, deliberate, accountable, and international action. It’s when someone takes what has happened and uses it to either better or darken his/her life.

The performer could have been gotten stage fright. The performer could have become too star- struck. The moment the audition is over, and the results are in..

It’s now the period of “a lot changed me.”

There’s many times when you will face involuntary situations. When you are, I hope you choose you.. The lesson, the change, the growth.

Until next time,

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè


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