My Mental Health Journey #30: Seeking Universal Cleansing

I’m struggling right now. Toxicity and confusion are within my space of peace. I don’t know if it’s due to a person.. Or if it’s a poor combination of us both.

I know within the last four days, I accomplished something I put off for nearly a decade. I drove three hours down to see my biological family, and the three hours back. This was six plus hours in the matter of three days.

I’m angry this recent toxicity didn’t even recognize my accomplishment. I’m upset that the trauma, of which I had no part, is now being used to hurt me.

I don’t know. I don’t feel good about it. I’m just going to leave it alone.. Unpacking and housework should keep me occupied enough, for now.

Personally, this post feels half complete. The entirety of my emotions and thoughts are caught up in the fog. Feels crappy knowing I always want to publish wonderful content for you all.

So, thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you all.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

My girls and I visiting my mom for the first time together.

Unusual Tree ✌🏼️🌲

I’ve spent hours (Literally like 4+ hours!!) today, connecting dots. This was one of those things where I KNEW there was a connection; but, I didn’t know how. The path was far from obvious.. But, I FIGURED IT OUT 💪🏼

The trick to difficult tasks, is not giving up! I’m so thankful I kept at it. I’m so thankful I am stubborn; and, I was determined to solve the puzzle.

Families are a whole dynamic world of complications. They take patience and understanding, to achieve what’s worth the effort. What isn’t.. Should be paid no mind.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

When You Know; You Know 💜

How do we get to that point?

Why should we find the answer?

What’s the significance of knowing?

Where do we even beginning?

Knowing is deliberate effort towards the truth.

It’s choices that’s, involuntarily, lead us to right now.

In our journey, the first step was a new chance.

First step to a destiny we couldn’t have imagined.

It was scary, wasn’t it? It was uncomfortable.

It was an unknowing but willingness to try.

Knowing is here and yet to come. It’s the us from the last chapter and our next one.

The next step is that something that scares us.

It’s the change to discover we CAN; when our minds are saying “Uhh No! You’re not trying!”

It’s the moment we just know..

When we KNOW.. whether in the 1st attempt, 15 try, or the second we are tempted to quit..

We weren’t meant to do anything but keep taking first steps.

We know we’re meant to keep being scared and facing uncomfortable situations.

That’s how winners are born.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

#SoCS: Talking Bowl

Here’s the link to the host post 😀

It’s fate.. The alignment of this topic with my ever so private life. In this moment, I mustn’t ignore what’s been destined to happen. If the signs are ever as clear as water, for you… Please don’t try and ignore or deny them. You never know what result is meant to come off the situation.. What effect it will have in life’s grander plan 💜

So I was on the phone yesterday; and, my kids were home. These two events rarely occur at the same time. I’m certain you parents completely understand why..

My six year old comes running in and says

” Mom, there’s a talking toilet in the other room!”

Calandra 😂

And I was thoroughly confused; until, I got up to use the restroom.

Here’s the best darn bowl I’ve ever seen!!


I still crank up, hours later, when I look at this silliness. She has my imagination for sure.

Hope you enjoyed!

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

Nova’s “5-Things” Challenge

I’m going to attempt to keep this challenge consistent, every Friday.

It’s going to be my own 5-Things. Feel free to join, if you’d like. Please use #N5T or #Novas5Things so I can find them 💜 Thank you!

This week is

5 things you’d find at a carnival.

Be as creative as you’d like!

Here is mine 💜 Hope you participate!

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè