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Learning how to know yourself is the foundation for building a life as unique as you are.     Knowing your dreams and fears, strengths and weaknesses, areas of confidence and insecurity help you create what you want in life, but also help you avoid potential roadblocks.   Without knowing yourself, you’re more likely to
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Tug of War

The tougher this gets,

The less my lungs can breathe..

The less my heart can take,

The harder life throws me around,

The harder it is to smile.

Always landing so far from peace.

Always in tears, weakened with grief,

Unable to find a way out.

Unable to escape the brutality..

Destroying the very fibers of

my being,

The parts of me that once felt life.

The harder I hold on..

The harder it is to hold on…

My soul is struggling so much right now…

And I’m sure you never knew..

But, I am.



Why I Love the USA

There are a few important reasons; but, there’s one reason in particular, right now.

After a few years of volunteering to clean up polluted water, a group of guys shifted to sonar and diving.

Their skills and experience lead to closure for so many families. They, selflessly, gave time and resources to bring healing and answers. Recently, this team had a HUGE break in a case, which speaks volumes.

Whether inspired by Adventures With Purpose, or some self conviction, other Americans are saying ” We are going to do something. We are taking on the burden of searching and digging!”, exhausting themselves to find missing individuals.

The bigger picture? We’re not complacent! We are gathering teams, organizing searches, spending irreversible time for a greater good, looking out for one another.

America people are looking out for one another, despite what law enforcement and the professionals have contributed.

This labor of love shows a new change in American Society. In acts of kindness, lives are changed in unspeakable ways.

That’s what makes my heart proud ❤️

Keep Growing & Glowing Americans! WE ARE the people! We should be looking out for one another!

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè