It’s a Gift

I spent most of my adult life overthinking. Most of my fears and anxiety stem from scenarios in my mind. Many of them weren’t realistic; most never happened at all.

I analyzed every detail. I panicked over every possibility. I made myself sick with what ifs, could have’s, should be’s, and the rest of my madness.

Why am I like that? Honestly, I thought it was an irreversibly and incurably character flaw. Until two days ago, I hadn’t any thought in changing.

Late Saturday night, I came across an article called Person explains why children from abusive families overanalyze, jeopardize their relationships.

My mind was blown! Here was some words, published because a writer and an individual had a message. The message was significant enough to send it out to the public, for reading.

Then, I found it. The content opened my heart and eyes to possibilities, ones I didn’t know were even possibilities until I read this article.

Knowledge is the gift. When I am exposed to something that sparks my curiosity, me and google go to town. The internet is full of information. This information is instantly accessible. In no time at all, I’m down the rabbit hole with what produces over analytical behavior.

In the course of history, and even in parts of the world today, women didn’t/don’t have permission to learn. Some areas, women are limited to the material allowed.

I’m thankful I don’t have all the answers. I’m thankful I keep my spirit opened for new experiences. I’m thankful for resources to research, question, and study topics. I’m thankful I’m free to know anything and everything of my heart’s desire.

So, I’m going to be educating myself.. simply because I can. I hope you take an opportunity to become the best version of you, possible.

With Love & Light,