Our Groceries

Usually, we eat sandwiches, dinosaur chicken nuggets, yogurt, raw fruits and veggies, sausage with French toast or pancakes, or some other finger food.

Several months ago, I had to wear a 3X shirt, too. Right now, a 2X feels a little big. My diet has been battling anxiety and depression. When my mental health is messed up, so is my digestion. I’m sure others can relate. I, suddenly, had no appetite and a body that kept moving.. just as fast as my mind went.

Right now, life is a bit more settled. I do eat, don’t worry. However, the moment I feel fully, I put the food away. I heard once, you’re actually full several minutes before you feel it. I’d believe it.

Anyway, I grabbed several fruits. Berries are so wonderful! I put all kinds in my rice crispy cereal. Funny thing is, I would never put them in cooked rice. 🤔🌟 I actually don’t eat cooked rice that often. When I do, it’s the repaired in a bag kind.

Anyway, I’m incredibly tired; so, I’m going to grab a nap before my kids get home.

Enjoy your evening 🌸💋

Much love and light,