September 16th

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Through our first 15 days of our Do-For-You Challenge, all but one day has been pleasantly simple. That’s not to imply they’re any less significant, but rather individual specific.

Today’s challenge is quite the opposite. Today is Cheer on others & their victories.

What is utmost important, with this task, is it’s potential to unify and destroy relationships. This one requires us to work out within ourselves, the junk that hinders genuine celebration. This cheer and support requires us to set space, in true friendships, for others. It’s expecting us to humble ourselves, in a sense, as we acknowledge their important moments.

Our lives aren’t all about us. They are roads that are constantly intersecting. To be capable of a life loved by others, we must understand jealousy and envy destroy. We must understand the healthy identification of dreams and goals. We must value one another in all he /she is, and accomplishes.

This is a gentle reminder that the person next to us is significant to others, just as we are. We all have loved ones, and should be loved ones, who are genuine and authentic. Our closest to us deserve that support and emotional encourage.

Until next time,

Nova Namastè