September 14th

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It’s a bit cooler today, in my neck of the woods! Nope, you won’t hear me screaming about it! The cocktail of warm sun and occasional breeze makes me high on life. Yesterday, I laid on my bed, feet dangling over the edge. I was in that moment for at least 10 solid minutes. The window was open. The position I was laying felt amazing. It was quite wonderful.

Those are moments are what really matter, aren’t they? The ones when you inhale the aroma of your favorite dessert! The time when the bubble bath was perfect!! The time when the baby looked at you and spoke a word. The first sight of a sunrise over water, or a first Christmas as a couple. Life is full of endless blessings, that should freeze time. They become the chapters we’ll tell our future generations. They are the people, who will continue your story.

The challenge today isn’t what’s listed on the Do-For-You post. I wanted to suggest one of my own.

Today’s challenge is Write down ten sentences that remind you of moments you enjoyed about/in your life.

Once you’ve done that, hang the list in a place you frequently visit. By doing so, you’ll read the list. You’ll read it multiple times a day. The emotions of those times will visit. I am sure it may stray to other ones; and that’s OK. The more you work through, the better you’ll feel.

Allow yourself to feel the happiness and joy for a minute. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of needed. Allow yourself to forgive the mistakes you made. Allow your heart to feel grace and self-forgiveness. Allow your logic to govern all the decisions from then, forward; but, keep your heart wide open.

If you’re reading this, you’re on the right side of life. You have opportunities for more wonderful moments.

Seize this chances 💜

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè