Aawww Monday

Not the typical, but certainty aawww in it’s own way!

Grown men. Men who just solved a huge case. In the middle of a huge Sunflower Field in North Dakota 🌻 Enjoying life around them, in their off hours of sonar exploration and remains retrieval.

Produced by Josh Cantu
Adventures With Purpose

Mental Health is vital! This makes my heart smile, considering what they see and experience.

So that’s my entry for this week 🙂

Much Love,


A Moment to Remember

They say gratitude is apart of Neuroplasticity.

I find the subject gratifying in and of itself; but, that’s another adventure for another day.

Today, right now, within all my physical and emotional pain, I need to take a minute and remember.

I am thankful and blessed. It’s easy to lose sight of it; but I know it’s true 💗

With Love and Light,


September 13th

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Photo by Leonardo Jarro on Pexels.com

Today’s Do-For-You Challenge is Enter new relationships for the right reasons.

New relationships encompasses platonic, romantic, professional, polyamorous, ect. All interactions that involve investment, are relational.

What does it mean ” for the right reasons”?

I would reword that as “with the best intentions”. Intention is defined as with purpose, deliberate.

Whether we realize it or not, our decisions impact others, all day long. Every day!

Our one decision, maybe stopping so an individual can back out of the driveway and be on his way, could be the result of being on time for breakfast at school or missing it.

Our one decision, maybe flying through a yellow light, could result in a pedestrian ending up in the ICU.

Sometimes, our decisions lead to consistent interactions with certain people.

Likewise, our interactions impact them. Sometimes, this repetitive engagement develops into relationship.

Are the intentions pure? Are you honest with your needs? Have you withheld information in order to get what you want? Are you partially in the relationship, but partially out? Are you an independent success, seeking an individual to which share this life?

It’s important we understand our whys. If you’ve never thought about it; now is an excellent time to start. Even we enter that valuable and vulnerable phase of “ship”; we need to do so for honest and true reasons. We need to do so with the best of intentions.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 🌺

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè