September 7th

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Good morning, afternoon, & evening! How was and is your day? I’m hoping it is delightful, with great joy.

Not so? That’s quite possible, too. I am super sorry to hear that, hun. Though I don’t know the details, there’s goodness that can come of it. I promise.

Today, our Do-For-You Challenge is Value your lessons your mistakes teach you.

Here’s a few notes I’d like you to tuck into your pocket:

  • You do make mistakes.
  • That’s OK.
  • You’re STILL loveable. [And loved despite your mistakes!]
  • Mistakes mean you’re trying.
  • Mistakes teach lessons, so you can change & improve.
  • You’re allowed to accept your imperfect nature & value the lessons.

Grab a journal, write these down. Recite them day after day. Speaking them aloud will allow you to hear them. You’ll hear your truths with your own voice. With repetition, you’ll memorize it. You’ll be speaking these to yourself anywhere and everywhere. You’ll feel the difference that comes with speaking differently.

You’ll value, and apply, the lessons that your mistakes want to teach you.