September 5th

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Today’s Do-For-You Challenge is Be Yourself, Genuinely & Proudly.

As I sit here, I’m watching a special about Lady Diana. She was extraordinary, loudly and proudly. She left footprints in traditions rooted in royalty. Her humbled nature blossomed when she became a mother.

Specifically, this part discusses the implication of her modern belief, nannies will not raise her children. When she and Prince Charles went on tour, she insisted her children will travel, too. Additionally, she parented in such a way that her boys lived expierences like a normal citizen.

At an unusually young age, Lady Diana realized she had a voice; but, she wasn’t being heard. The People’s Princess suffered because of her independence. Though, her strong-will crumbled as the hands of Royal Power, she continued to gain favor with the public. In doing so, her life and legacy lives on.

In History, there’s many examples of unapologetically magnificent individuals. They are the unforgettable people. I hope today, we all invision our futures bright and vibrant. I hope we embrace all of who we are, imperfectly perfect.

Let’s create the unforgettable long lasting legacy of our lives.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Nova Namastè