September 4th

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Today is Day 4 of my Do-For-You 30 Day Challenge. The previous posts are above, if you’ve missed them.

For September 4th, the challenge is To Make Your Own Happiness a Priority!

I believe we all deserve happiness. I hope you do, too! I believe we all can create it for ourselves.

The issue with this idea of happiness is the combating of expectations. We have this preconceived description of the idea. It’s a list of a, b, c, and d that must be accomplished to be happy. It’s a series of events before we can be happy.

What I hope we all remember, today, is the quote

“Life does not have to be
perfect to be wonderful ”


How do you create your happiness?

  • Do what makes you feel joy.
  • Do things for others.
  • Give! Food, clothes, money, whatever.
  • Sing, loud and for the whole world to hear.
  • Give yourself grace. You’re not perfect; and, that’s OK.
  • Rest! Eat! Laugh!
  • Spend time in your favorite place (granted it’s a healthy location, like a garden or reading chair.).
  • Smile! If not for no reason at all. Smiling is contagious.
  • Practice gratitude.

However you do it, remember you deserve it! You deserve it just as much as anyone else. The one and only way you will have it; though, is to create it yourself.

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