Find My Soul

Not the usual place, I know! I’m not the typical lady, though. For me, cemeteries hold this mysterious but comforting aura.

When I walk, I’ve found the silence {the absence of the living} quite relaxing. It surely beats the constant chatter.

I ponder on whether or not the individuals were happy. I imagine their homes and businesses. I imagine their role in society and within their families. I think about the babies lost; the agony the families must have felt. I hope they are at peace and receive visits.

The last time I walked, I gathered up as much trash as I could. They deserved a great resting place. In one area, I discovered tombstones.. nearly completely covered over with grass. That completely broke my heart. It was obvious they hadn’t had visitors in such a long time. Crazy to even say this; but, maybe they don’t have any family left.

Either way, the cemetery is a different experience for me. This is the reason I created this image.

The spirits and afterlife have fascinated me for years. It’s not just them, and the quiet; though, it’s my experience of lost in thought. It’s my spirit connecting with others. It’s the symbolism & reminder, life is for the living. It’s names and dates of people that matter, just like you and me.. Even if they’ve passed on.

Being in a cemetery is an intense experience for me, as an HSP (highly sensitive person), Cancerean, INFJ, and Empath. It’s a place where I find my true self.. My soul.. Because so much clarity shines through.

Is this relatable to you? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience.

Thank you for stopping by πŸ’š

With Love and Light –


4 thoughts on “Find My Soul

  1. I remember walking in a cemetery near the St. Mary’s River back at college. Like other cemeteries, I always loved looking at the dates on the gravestones and thinking about the historical periods those people lived through.



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