September 2nd

Here is Day One 🍂🎃

Today is Day 2 of my Do-For-You Challenge! Oohhhh, today’s a tough one!! You ready?

Day 2 Challenge is Face Your Problems Head On!

And so there you have it, you can not possible face your problems with your head off. It just isn’t possible. I’m sorry; I know this will upset some of you. It is just a truth you have to accept.

{And it’s quite necessary to face your problems. Now if your head is off, can you pick any face to use with your problems? I suppose so; however, your face is the only one that these problems belong to. }

Now, for those of you, who weren’t amused by my shenanigans, let’s talk about facing problems head on.

It’s going to be uncomfortable. Do you know that? Of course you do.

It’s going to require communication: actively listening, acknowledging, repeating, respecting apologizing, and compromising.

It’s a process that takes time. Please don’t expect yourself to be perfect.

It’s a process of progress. Little by little, changes will happen and you’ll be better equipped.

Today, take a minute to face a problem head on. I think you’ll be relieved you did.

(I know I am!)

Love and Light-