What Does It Look Like To You?

Winning! A word we’ve heard over and over.. equivalent to being first. We’ve learned it to mean coming out on top or having finished a task.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to recognize my version of a win.. and, celebrate 🎉 it! I’m not in this world to compete.. or be first. I won’t come out on top; because, we’re all running the same race.

My 🏆 win is an achievement of a small tangible goal, accomplished by hard work! That, my friends, is enough of a reason to feel proud.

Today, I am 🕉

I reached my 4K steps before 10 am!

TANGIBLE says it’s going to be challenging; and, you’re going to be uncomfortable; but, you’re going to win!!

Remember: Create a Lasting Legacy

With Love: