Wednesday Wisdom

Love so hard that it hurts!


What is life for, if not for love? Love everything. Love everyone. Love so much that you ache when you lose someone. Love so hard, it feels impossible to go on when they’re gone.

Love the right way, though. Love so they can grow, learn, blossom, and create. Love in a way that allows them to be and become. Love in a way that nurtures their soul; and supports their authenticity. Love with pure intentions, honest conversation, and respectful interactions.

If not the right way, you’re not really loving..

Are you?

This one life, wrapped up in a few short 95 years (if we’re lucky!), was meant to be lived the best way possible.. not only for us, and our generation, but also, for many many more to come.

Love and Light –


Create a lasting legacy 🍀


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